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Marine Protection & Indemnity (P&I) - Blanka Panther

Blanka Panther

Marine & Aviation Insurance Company

Marine Protection & Indemnity (P&I)


We offer Protection and Indemnity insurance (P&I) which protects shipowner of the operator’s third party legal liability that may arise from vessel operations as result of damage to cargo, pollution, injuries or death of passengers, crew members etc.

This type of marine insurance doesn’t cover hull and machinery risks. For H&M insurance please see Hull and Machinery insurance section.

Concerning cargo safety and human’s heath, P&I insurance is required by cargo owners and the third parties according to IMO conventions. Because of this normally it’s almost impossible to operate cargo vessel without P&I insurance.

P&I policy conditions and insurance premium depend on vessel type, it’s commercial purpose  and cargo structure.

The P&I insurance does not cover the shipowner’s complete legal liability but includes the following risks:

  • Death and personal injury of Seamen, Passengers, Third parties
  • Liabilities in respect of stowaways or persons saved at sea.
  • Liabilities arising from collision.
  • Liabilities arising from groundings.
  • Liabilities arising from damage to fixed and floating objects.
  • Liabilities arising from pollution.
  • Liabilities arising from wreck removal.
  • Liabilities arising from towage operations.
  • Liability to cargo.

Our wide experience in P&I insurance helps us to have our customers always properly advised on the essential elements of insurances. they need to have to minimize losses of unexpected situations during maritime and port operations. We offer faster decision making and good prices for P&I insurance.

To get quote online please email us uw@blpan.com