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Energy Insurance

Energy Insurance

Modern power and energy companies are the key sectors of national economy, including a huge number of areas, and therefore a lot of industrial facilities, functional units and processes. There are plenty of significant and widespread risks that can arise in everyday process. Some accidents can lead not only to losses of money, environmental problems or to reputational consequences.

Different energy companies in the same industry need unique energy insurance programs designed for a specific object. Thus in this sector key importance acquire professionalism and the highest standards of insurance, starting from the underwriters, who develop an insurance program, till experts in claims handling which should quickly and efficiently fulfill the obligations of the insurance company to the client.

We consult you on risk and insurance issues which influence your operational and financial success. The insurance products provided by our company are intended to support the whole chain of energy industry, including:

  • Drilling operations,
  • Pipelines,
  • Storage facilities
  • Power facilities
  • Terminals
  • Refining

For quotes please contact us: uw@blpan.com