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Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

We offer different insurance plans for all risks that may arise in cargo transportation process.  Our specialists have wide experience in insurance of all kind of cargoes: containerized, general, in bulk, oversized etc. It’s possible to insure any size of shipment carried by all of main means of transport, including marine, road, railroad and air.

No need to mention that cargo insurance will protect your goods if something goes wrong while transportation process and your cargo get severe damage or is completely lost. Our insurance practice shows that in case of an accident cost of insurance is less than amount of loss occurred.

Our specialists will advise you proper insurance plan to get more cargo protection for less money.

We can also provide our customers with the cargo insurance to suit their specific needs. It may be issued for Single Voyage or Repeat Turnover or Special Projects cargo, as well as Containers and Ship’s Equipment.

We provide cover on Institute of London Underwriters Cargo Clauses (ICC).

  • ICC (A), Cl. 252 1/1/82,
  • ICC (B), Cl. 253 1/1/82,
  • ICC (C), Cl. 254 1/1/82

We provide cover for single transhipment as well as on “Open cover” basis – a form of long term marine insurance contract whereby it is guaranteed that risks declared by the Assured are accepted as they arise during the contract period.

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