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Aviation Insurance

10398457_sOur company provides wide spectrum of aviation insurance plans.

The Hull Insurance covers risks of hull damage while aircraft is in motion, non-motion and in-flight. This insurance protects an insured aircraft against damage during taxiing, take off, flight itself, landing and ground operation, including while parked or stored.

We also offer liability insurance which covers damage liability to the third parties, to passengers or crew.

We offer not only physical damage and liability Insurances, but also special solutions to all types of airline insurance risk, including war cover and reinsurance.

We deal with:

  • Aircraft Hull All Risks Insurance
  • Aircraft Hull War Risk Insurance
  • Aviation Third Party, Passenger and Cargo Legal Liability Insurance
  • Aviation Crew and Passenger Personal Accident Insurance

All types of aircrafts accepted

We insure all types of general aviation risks: from single commercial aircraft to private business and pleasure jets. We also cover ground-based risks such as fixed base operators, flying schools and clubs and other aviation service providers.

We have a wide variety of clients ranging from private owners to airline operators.

We offer the following Aviation Insurance coverage:

  • In-Flight Insurance: This type of insurance covers damage sustained while an aircraft is in motion.
  • Ground Risk Hull (Non-Motion) Insurance: It covers damage sustained while it is on the ground but not in motion.
  • Public Liability Insurance: It provides coverage for damage that occurs to the third-party entities and property. This type of insurance does not cover damage caused to a plane or to passengers in the plane.
  • Passenger Liability Insurance: It provides insurance for any passenger in the plane while a policy holder is operating it. Passenger liability insurance provides indemnity for injuries and final expenses in the event of a death.

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